Casualty 14-18 is a commemoration of the 16 million people that died in the First World War. The project is a generative artwork that will create composite images of humanoid graphics and publish them online every day from 28th July 2014 to 11th November 2018.

Each page is made up of 340 figures and the final number of A4 pages will be just over 47,000. Each day a number of pages will be published as an average casualty count over the four years of the war, and the software will vary the images as it progresses.

Currently, this project is completely unfunded and I am seeking opportunities to show versions or excerpts of the work in physical spaces as well as online. Descriptions of how this might be shown in other spaces are published on the Exhibits page.

Richard Bolam, July 2014.

All content ©2001 – 2014  Richard Bolam

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